Joaquin Phoenix hails ‘greatest’ role as ‘Joker’ hits Toronto – The Jakarta Post

Joaquin Phoenix said his critically acclaimed role in Joker was “one of the greatest experiences of my career,” as the dark and ambitious comic book adaptation sent Toronto’s film festival into a frenzy Monday.

Fresh from scooping Venice’s prestigious Golden Lion prize for best film on Saturday, the Joker premiere was the hottest ticket in town at North America’s biggest film festival.

“It seemed limitless, in how you could interpret the character and what you could do with it — it didn’t feel like there were any rules,” said Phoenix of playing the diabolical super-villain.

The film — and Phoenix’s performance — have already drawn breathless Oscar predictions and controversy in equal measure.

Batman’s traditional nemesis has been famously played by the likes of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, but the Gladiator star’s interpretation is arguably the most radical yet.

Hailed as “sensational” and “unnerving” by some critics, it has raised concern for others that its

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