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The Planning Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

In July 2019 the New South Wales Government introduced the Planning Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 (Bill).

The Bill is largely mechanical in nature. Its main purpose is to update cross references in other acts including the Land and Environment Court Act 1979 and the Crown Land Management Act 2016 to reflect the introduction of the decimal numbering system that occurred in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EPA Act) on 1 March 2018.

The Minister for Planning and Public Spaces (Planning Minister), Rob Stokes said in his second reading speech for the Bill:

“All the amendments proposed in the bill are minor and non-contentious. The majority of the matters addressed in the bill are consequential to the commencement of other legislation and the miscellaneous matters do not propose any new policy for the New South Wales planning system”.

The only mildly controversial matter was the inclusion of an

... read more at: https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=53761049-4a23-498a-b4ee-05cba645fd12


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