OPINION: The question of bail to P. Chidambaram

I have been wondering for a while whether the refusal by the court to grant bail to P. Chidambaram, former Union Home and Finance Minister, was correct or not.

I am a supporter of individual liberty, prescribed in Article 21 of our Constitution, and have been critical of some court decisions where I felt it was disregarded. For example, when the Supreme Court denied bail to the journalist Abhijit Iyer Mitra who had only made a satirical tweet about the Konark temple in Odisha (and later apologised about it), or the cases against Professor Saibaba or the Bhima Koregaon accused, whose prosecution should have been quashed following the decision of the Supreme Court in Sri Indra Das vs State of Assam, 2011 holding that there was no danger of any ‘imminent lawless action’ (the test laid down by the US Supreme Court in Brandenburg vs Ohio).

However, after long consideration, I have

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