UK Security Services Neutralized Country’s Leading Liberal Newspaper

The Guardian has been successfully deterred from producing its former adversarial reporting on the “security state,” report Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis.

By Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis
Daily Maverick

U.K. security services targeted The Guardian after the newspaper started publishing the contents of secret U.S. government documents leaked by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden in June 2013.

Snowden’s bombshell revelations continued for months and were the largest-ever leak of classified material covering the NSA and its U.K. equivalent, the Government Communications Headquarters. They revealed programs of mass surveillance operated by both agencies.

According to minutes of meetings of the U.K.’s Defence and Security Media Advisory Committee, the revelations caused alarm in the British security services and Ministry of Defence.

“This event was very concerning because at the outset The Guardian avoided engaging with the [committee] before publishing the first tranche

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