China Will Rein in Hong Kong Through Its Economy

A concession was offered but the protests continue. An official call for new consultation has not halted confrontation. A recognition of legitimate public grievances did not produce any specific ideas for how to resolve them.

In brief, the sometimes-violent troubles in Hong Kong persist and—despite a surprising and long overdue official attempt to calm things down—there is no end in sight to mass demonstrations against the policies of both the local government and the national regime in Beijing. Instead, protesters continue to demand that the Hong Kong administration, headed by Chief Executive Carrie Lam, drop charges against some 1,100 arrested demonstrators, stop calling them rioters, hold an independent investigation into alleged police brutality and initiate political reforms leading to election of Lam’s successor and all local legislators by universal suffrage.

It’s possible that some of these eventually will be granted, but nothing is certain.

The basic reason is simple; agreeing to them is

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