Meryl Streep Sparks Controversy For Playing A Latina in New Netflix

It’s 2019 and for starters, J.Lo is the only Latinx actress over 45 to star in a film in the last 12 years. Second, only 3 percent of movies featured Latinx actors in lead roles from 2007 through 2018 in the 100 top-grossing films. There’s progress to be made but there’s also more awareness in Hollywood which means production companies would presumably make more of an effort to cast accordingly and inclusively. However, the casting in Netflix’s The Laundromat proves that assumption false.

Halfway through the film, Streep “transforms into her second character: an office worker in a Panamanian law firm, who has bronzed skin, a fake nose, hip padding, a black wig and an exaggerated ‘Latin’ accent, according to some early viewers,” reports TooFab.

Cultural appropriation has always run rampant in Hollywood — Marlon Brando portrayed Emiliano Zapata, Madonna

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