‘PTIs one-year performance a bad show

‘PTI’s one-year performance a bad show’

The PTI formed government in the Centre and three provinces after July 2018’s controversial general elections. Widely considered as engineered and rigged and held under overwhelming support of media for the PTI, July’s polls yet provided an opportunity to Prime Minister Imran Khan to fulfill the promises he made to the nation during his years’ long politics of protests.

One-year performance of the PTI government has raised big question mark on overall capacity of the Khan’s team. This one-year rule of the PTI disappointed the nation including those who were outspoken supporter of the cricketer-turned-politician in the past.

Definitely this short duration is not enough to bring some kind of revolution in the country which is plagued by the issues of bad governance, mismanagement, corruption and law and order.

The government, however, was supposed to fix some directions and develop policies in a way that could put the

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