Why make the astronaut-in-a-diaper movie if you don’t want to show an astronaut in a diaper?

If I had a dime for every movie “based on” or “inspired by” true events that I saw at the Toronto International Film Festival…well, let’s just say I’d have enough change in my pocket to pick up a couple extra slices of Pizza Pizza during the downtime between screenings at the Scotiabank. But among this year’s ripped-from-reality crop, Noah Hawley’s Lucy In The Sky (Grade: C) does stand out. It is, after all, the rare and curious stranger-than-fiction dramatization that’s actually less strange, and less sensational, than the true story on which it’s based. Much less interesting, too.

Natalie Portman has been cast as Lucy Cola, who’s modeled on the real Lisa Nowak, the astronaut who—in February of 2007—was arrested for the attempted kidnapping of Colleen Shipman, a U.S. Air Force Captain. It was the bizarre, sordid details of the incident that turned it into headline news and late-night joke fodder.

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