WASHINGTON: Pakistan was humiliated on the world stage on Wednesday after it attempted to crank up international pressure on India on the . A range of lawmakers, analysts, and diplomats called Pakistan a terrorist entity, said it should be denied foreign aid, and proposed that its leaders, including its military generals, be sanctioned and stopped […]

Across the world, populists are attracting votes with their promises to protect ordinary people from the harsh realities of globalisation. The democratic establishment, they assert, cannot be trusted to fulfil this purpose, as it is too busy protecting the wealthy – a habit that globalisation has only intensified. For decades, globalisation promised to bring benefits […]

When Mossack Fonseca’s entire corporate memory spilled onto the Internet for everyone to see in April following the release of the Panama Papers, it provided a stark example of the risks and potential repercussions associated with poor dark data management. Once journalists began piecing together the information, they uncovered evidence and patterns of questionable conduct, […]

AHMEDABAD: Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday said the Narendra Modi government’s “activism” against black money in the last two years has resulted into a “sizable dip” in illegal assets stashed abroad by Indians. He also said the action being initiated by G20 countries coupled with “technological intervention” will make it difficult to keep black […]

Flickr / Steven Depolo Earlier this week Spotify employees spoke out anonymously to reveal internal issues within the company. Even though Sweden is the third least corrupt nation in the world according to Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index, such stories are far from unheard of. The Panama Papers scandal caught at least one Swedish […]

Highlights from Cameron’s time as British prime minister and Tory leader. By Cynthia Kroet and Jules Johnston 7/13/16, 2:46 PM CET 2005: David Cameron takes over from Michael Howard as leader of the Conservative Party. He promises to fix Britain’s economy and to modernize the party, with new policies on social issues, climate change and foreign aid. […]

“Until we see the bill implementing automatic exchange of information there is a concerning lack of clarity about who will be able to access the proposed register of foreign trusts,” said David McLay, a Wellington-based lawyer who specialises in tax law and trust formation. “Until we resolve that lack of clarity we cannot answer the […]