PANAMA IS AMONG the luckier countries in Latin America. Drug-traffickers mostly bypass the isthmus, preferring to ship cocaine to the United States through northerly neighbours. A forest protected the country from Colombia’s long-running insurgencies. Its canal provided $1.7bn to the treasury last year, an eighth of the government’s budget. Panama’s citizens are the second-richest in […]

WASHINGTON — Representatives of at least 22 foreign governments appear to have spent money at Trump Organization properties, an NBC News review has found, hinting at a significant foreign cash flow to the American president that critics say violates the U.S. Constitution. The extent and amount of foreign spending at Trump’s hotels, golf clubs and […]

Shutterstock If you’re a supporter of Donald Trump — or Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil or Matteo Salvini in Italy — you probably think that democracy has never been in better health. Recent elections in these countries didn’t just serve to rotate the elite from the conventional parties. Voters went to the polls and elected outsiders […]

What so enrages the journalists’ “club” is the challenge from those who question their power, journalists like Assange. His revelations threatened them. But Assange, the outsider, did much more than that, he laid the path for the future of journalism, where journalists would be expected to produce primary source documents, wherever possible, and horror of […]

COCHISE COUNTY, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)–The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of deadly violence south of the border. The department reported on their Facebook page Monday night that at least 10 people have been killed in rival cartel fights. [MAP: Border towns experiencing significant violence] Sheriff officials reported the towns that are experiencing […]

Lahore: Opposition leader in Pakistan’s Punjab Assembly Hamza Shehbaz was arrested Tuesday outside the Lahore High Court by the officials of the country’s anti-graft body in cases related to money laundering and corruption. The arrest took place after a two-member Lahore High Court (LHC) bench dismissed bail applications filed by Hamza, 44, after his lawyer […]

PANAMA CITY (AP) — Anger over brazen corruption and weariness over the political status quo are widespread among the Panamanian electorate ahead of Sunday’s vote to pick a successor to President Juan Carlos Varela, on whose watch Latin America’s fastest growing economy cooled off significantly. In what has been perhaps the shortest and least colorful […]

Tax authorities in 22 countries worldwide have been able to retrieve in more than $1.2bn in back taxes and fines following the 2016 “Panama Papers” leak of information about offshore dealings. Britain has recouped some $253m, France $136m and Australia $93m, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) posted on its website. Related articles German […]

The immense fortune created by the combination of high oil prices and the copious extraction of black gold from Venezuelan subsoil laid the foundation for a “Bolivarian Joint Criminal Enterprise” (BJCE), according to a report signed by Douglas Farah and Caitlyn Yates, the president and investigator for IBI Consultants, LLC. The Salvadoran Prosecutor’s Office recently […]

Organised crime and impunity State institutions are failing to reign in the activities of such networks. Reporting or prosecuting these criminal activities is near impossible for officials of the judicial system, as choosing to report often means putting their job and their safety at risk. In a study conducted by Transparencia Venezuela (TI Venezuela), some […]

LAHORE: The Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) will start a protest movement from June 15 against the government over price hike and what it described as capitulation to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In a press statement, JI leader Liaquat Baloch said the movement would kick off from Faisalabad and soon become the most authentic voice of the […]

Investigation uncovers connections between Venezuela, Nicaragua and El Salvador through PDVSA-Albanisa-Alba Petróleos   The Salvadoran Prosecutor’s Office recently raided Alba Petróleos as part of an investigation of 27 companies run by José Luis Merino, known as “Ramiro” in the FMLN   By Iván Olivares  (Confidencial) HAVANA TIMES – The immense fortune created by the combination […]

On balance, those gargantuan disclosures seem largely beneficial — even if not all diplomats, intelligence officers and tax lawyers would join the applause. But the big leaks of the current era are not all about war and peace, government oversight or financial equity. For journalists, the catnip appeal of scoops can overwhelm careful judgment about […]