Russia today is ruled by the worst and least talented group of villains Russia has seen since before World War II. How did these men come to power? And how did the phenomenon of Putinisma come to pervade the psyche of the nation? In his bold new book, “The Invention of Russia,” Arkady Ostrovsky blames […]

Police and tax inspectors must be able to discover who sits behind opaque corporate trusts if international efforts to fight tax dodging and corruption in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal are to prove effective, one of the world’s top tax reformers has warned. Pascal Saint-Amans, head of tax at the Organisation for Economic […]

LAHORE – The entire opposition is united against the government over the issue of corruption and would take to streets if the ruling party fails to respond to their rightful demands, PTI leaders Chaudhary Sarwar and Ijaz Chaudhary said yesterday. “The government’s countdown over finalisation of ToRs for Panama Papers Leaks’ probe will start right […]

CHITRAL – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday said that the accountability of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was necessary for eliminating corruption from the country.   Speaking to media persons after a ceremony was held for cheque distribution of royalty income received from Markhor hunting, during his visit to Chitral, he claimed that Nawaz […]

Fittingly, perhaps, for the inhabitants of a large country, the Argentines do not do things by half-measures. When its Presidents are corrupt, they tend to be brazenly so. “Descarados” is the apt Spanish term; Britons of a certain age would have called them “bounders.” The most descarado of Argentina’s bounders, in modern times, was probably […]

By 1996, with Bahraini demand for alumina growing rapidly, Alumet became a “purported distributor,” the DOJ says, allowing Dahdaleh to “impose a significant mark-up on increasing volumes of alumina sales, from which he was able to create an even greater margin on his own purported purchase price.” … read more at:

York University has just given an honorary degree to the middleman in what U.S. officials say is a massive “corruption scheme” involving the Panama Papers scandal, the Toronto Star reported. On Monday, York University gave Victor Phillip Dahdaleh an honorary degree – and that’s not the first honour the university has conferred on him. Last […]

As a teenager, Michael Cassius McDonald worked the railroad cars. It was the 1850s, Chicago was rapidly growing into a major national transport hub, and for young runaways and street urchins the city’s bustling train carriages offered numerous opportunities for illicit enrichment. McDonald was a “candy butcher”, offering sweets and trinkets to tired passengers. It […]

When York University president Mamdouh Shoukri was asked if Dahdaleh was a good role model for York graduates, he responded: “Yes. Yes he is.” A written statement from York University spokeswoman Janice Walls said “careful consideration is given to candidates for honorary degrees who have made a significant contribution to the public good.” “Mr. Dahdaleh, […]

One of the more prescient authors I know is Ryan C. Hubbs, a senior manager of fraud investigation and dispute services at Ernst Young LLP (EY), who, in 2014, wrote an article for Fraud Magazine entitled “Shell Games”. In this piece, Hubbs wrote about how criminals use shell corporations to launder money and perpetuate frauds […]

The so-called Panama Papers should be used as a launchpad to develop multi-jurisdictional efficiencies and to promote an exchange of best practices globally to fight corruption and mitigate widespread illicit financial flows. Swiss Foreign Ministry public international law and legal adviser and director-general Ambassador Valentin Zellweger said on Monday that the release of the Panama […]

Home » General News » Pakistan RECORDER REPORT A Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf leader in the Punjab, whose party has launched an unabated volley of attack on the government since the post-Panama papers revelations, has claimed that only “one percent of corruption committed by politicians has been revealed while 99 percent is yet to be revealed”. The […]

That’s the same year the DOJ claims the elaborate bribery plot commenced. Alumet was used as a “shell” company that “had no legitimate business operations,” the DOJ claims in court filings, and the “corrupt arrangement” allowed “Consultant A” to “enrich himself and pay bribes to senior government officials of Bahrain.” Dahdaleh declined interview requests. Written […]