Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has insisted that while the current administration had made several mistakes, “books” could be written about the corruption of past Nationalist governments. Muscat was speaking at a political activity in Siggiewi where he reacted to comments by PN Candidate Salvu Mallia, who said that both parties were corrupt. He said that […]

Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil said that the corruption cases that have hit the country in the last four years are having serious negative consequences on the country’s future. The government did not tackle the situation head-on, and now we are paying the price for this, as could be seen on Saturday when the Malta Files […]

The gatekeepers of democracy are rarely lost in one dramatic crash, rather they are lost in a slow, insidious erosion often hardly noticed until it is too late. Looking at the shocking revelations and allegations that emerged since the Panama Papers, one would realise that the system of checks and balances has been failing us […]

‘Panama Papers’ are a huge, unprecedented leak of 11.5mn files from the database of Panama’s Mossack Fonseca, world’s fourth-largest offshore law firm. Dubbed as the biggest data “leak” in history, it revealed how Mossack Fonseca clients laundered money, dodged sanctions and avoided taxes. German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung obtained the records from an unknown source and […]

Pulitzer prize winner Matthew Caruana Galizia has been temporarily locked out of his Facebook page after complaints were filed about a series of ‘corruption facts’ posts. Mr Caruana Galizia discovered to his surprise this morning that he had been temporarily locked out of his Facebook profile. A number of his ‘corruption facts’ posts have also […]

ABBOTTABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan hit out at Prime Minister, calling him “godfather of corruption,” adding that the corruption was a major hurdle in foreign investment in the country. He was addressing a public meeting in Abbottabad on Sunday. The PTI chief said it was corruption that was depriving the masses of education […]

Imran Khan addressing a public meeting in Abbottabad on Sunday. — Dawn ABBOTTABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has said that Joint Investigation Team will unearth corruption of billions of rupees in the Panama Papers scandal. Addressing a public meeting here on Sunday, he said that it was appropriate time for the nation to get […]

By Fabiano Angelico All of the official documentation of legal suits from Brazil’s biggest corruption scandal – Operation Car Wash or Lava Jato – is now available to search easily online.  This will make it easier for investigators and ordinary citizens to find out who has been implicated in the scandal, even if they don’t hit […]

LAHORE – Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Sirajul Haq has said that every person named in Panama papers would stand accountable after the ruling family trial.   Addressing a press conference at Mansoora on Wednesday, he said that the JI would chase every corrupt person so that the cancer of corruption could be wiped out from the homeland. He […]