REUTERS/Ruben SprichCommittee members for the initiative “CHF 2,500 monthly for everyone” (Grundeinkommen) open rolls of five cent coins in the old vault of the former Schweizerische Volksbank in Basel October 1, 2013. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is publishing a huge database about how some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people hide their […]

On May 9th, The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists will release a searchable database that will detail over 200,000 entities that are part of the Panama Papers investigation.  While this will be intriguing for most of us, if you’re in a financial organization of any kind and there’s the remotest chance that you might have […]

A growing sense of anxiety is gripping business circles around the country regarding the Panama Papers and the political crisis they have plunged the country into. The system of transferring foreign exchange into and out of the country has been partially revealed by the papers, and is the subject of intense political debate, is widely […]

On Monday, people everywhere will be able to see for themselves which politicians, celebrities and business executives allegedly kept secret shell companies that were exposed in the Panama Papers. A Google-like searchable database is expected to go live at 2 p.m. ET, detailing ties between 368,000 people and 300,000 offshore entities. It’s being released by […]

(Photo Credit: Pixabay) Sri Lanka said it will start investigating nationals named in releases stemming from the Panama Papers, while Canadian police said they are hoping to get access to the leaked documents as part of a criminal investigation, the Daily Mail and The Globe and Mail reported. Sri Lankan Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said […]

Twitter Tweet Facebook Share Pinterest Pin It Copy image The “Panama Papers” have spurred the Obama administration to action. The White House tonight rolled out new measures by the IRS and U.S. Treasury department, as well as proposals for several congressional bills, to go after “tax cheats, kleptocrats, and other criminals” who “abuse the financial […]

The Canada Revenue Agency has obtained “tens of thousands of records” concerning Canadians with offshore accounts linked to the Panama Papers and is about to get years worth of records from the Royal Bank of Canada, Commissioner Andrew Treusch told MPs Thursday. Testifying before the House of Commons Finance Committee, Treusch said the agency filed […]

Agrees to provide ‘all necessary procedures’ President Mauricio Macri said yesterday he had nothing to hide in the face of an investigation into his role at two offshore companies that emerged in the “Panama Papers” leak. Macri said yesterday that he’ll cooperate with a federal judge who a day earlier requested information on the companies […]

Lors du Conseil des ministres de ce mercredi, François Hollande a plaidé pour un renforcement de la coopération internationale en matière de lutte contre l’évasion fiscale. Mori • Ce mercredi, les révélations dans le dossier Panama Papers se poursuivent, alors que le cabinet panaméen Mossack Fonseca, a assuré mardi soir avoir été victime d’un […]

PHOTO: REUTERS LAHORE: Advocate Gohar Nawaz Sindhu, representing the Pakistan Tehrek-i-Insaf, moved an application before Lahore High Court on Tuesday requesting the court to constitute a larger bench to hear petitions regarding investigation in the Panama Papers case. Sindhu and several others had filed identical petitions requesting the court to initiate proceedings against Prime Minister Nawaz […]