Paradise Papers

Using everything from social media to op-eds to hair products, Manafort aimed to make the Vladimir Putin-aligned Ukrainian dictator, who liked to jail his political opponents, look more palatable to the West. Secret “black ledgers,” which surfaced in March, show Manafort took $12.7 million in fees for his Ukraine work. Yanukovych, who stands accused of […]

Shutterstock Whistleblowers have long been recognized as one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against corporate wrongdoing.  With the advent of the #MeToo Movement, Paradise papers and Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook targeting model, whistleblowers have assumed their rightful place as pivotal agents of global change. So, why have law schools been slow to support […]

25 Millionen Euro erhält Dan Gertler noch dieses Jahr von Glencore. Und dies, obwohl ihn die USA nach den Paradise Papers Ende 2017 auf die Sanktionsliste setzten. Der Israeli habe Milliarden angehäuft mit «korrupten Minen- und Öl-Deals in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo», schrieb das US-Finanzministerium. «Gertler hat seine enge Freundschaft mit dem kongolesischen Präsidenten Joseph […]

In a confidential settlement, The Guardian and the BBC agreed to reveal to Appleby what documents may have supported their reporting during the massive Paradise Papers investigation, according to a joint statement from the offshore law firm and the media outlets. Appleby sued the media organisations for their role in the international journalistic expose, which […]

It’s been rough for crypto enthusiasts lately. The heady days of December are quickly fading from memory. When bitcoin approached the $20,000 threshold and a brave new future of digital, decentralized currency not backed by banks or states seemed all but assured. Months of persistent price weakness, exchange hacks and fears that many bitcoin miners […]

The Turkish media’s silence about the Paradise Papers is not a shock to a Turkish audience. Turkey has been ruled under a state of emergency since the aftermath of the failed July 15, 2016 coup. Thousands have been jailed and tens of thousands have lots their jobs under sweeping judicial powers. But even before the […]

A display of snowmen and signs outside the University of Montana’s Gilkey Center on Monday urges the UM Foundation to divest from fossil fuels in its endowment. Reinvest MT, a student organization, is also trying to convince the foundation to move 5 percent of its portfolio into green investments. … read more at:

Environmentalists have pushed universities, museums and other nonprofits to divest their massive endowment funds from fossil fuels, a challenge some have resisted and many have embraced. Student groups have protested on campuses across the country, including Harvard, Columbia and New York University. Hundreds of institutions like Chicago’s Field Museum have pledged in the past several […]