Tax Evasion

The number of leaked, confidential documents from the database of offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca. … read more at:

The number of leaked, confidential documents from the database of offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca. … read more at:

MEPs: Bankers, lawyers and accountants are “enablers” of tax avoidance A WIDE SUPPORT NETWORK of professional organisations “played a crucial role” in the biggest financial tax evasion scandal in world history, according to MEPs interrogating the circumstances and causes behind the Panama Papers tax scandal.  Institutions of bankers, lawyers and accountants acted as “enablers and […]

Ethical leadership, trust and equality are seen as important qualities for successful organisations. But many would argue populism entails a style of leadership totally at odds with modern HR thinking. Adam McCulloch examines how employees are affected by the contrast between national and company leadership. Contemporary business practice emphasises the rational and the compliant. The […]

The Trump administration’s decision to charge Julian Assange with 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act has generated significant controversy. One legal expert described it as “crossing a “constitutional Rubicon.” CPJ warned that the indictment could be the opening salvo in a broader attack on First Amendment journalistic protections. The 18th charge against Assange–of violating […]

The safe parking of funds in Shell Companies accumulated through corrupt practices and tax evasion is a global phenomenon. The problem came into sharp focus in many countries during the economic recession of 2007-2008,drawing the attention of the powerful countries to the negative fallout of secrecy laws, regulations and innovative methods of banks to seek […]

We have a great deal of statistical data, in America today, about the economic circumstances of Americans who live in poverty. We know far less, by contrast, about Americans who live amid great wealth. And much of what we do know, suggests a revealing new study, turns out to be wrong. America’s wealthiest, this new […]

If Drahi’s acquisition of Sotheby’s goes through, the world’s two leading auction houses will be controlled by French billionaires. Sotheby’s arch rival in the global art auction duopoly, Christie’s, was acquired in 1998 for $1.2 billion by Artemis, a holding company belonging to French billionaire François-Henri Pinault. In addition to owning BidFair, Drahi is the […]

“In our department we buy twenty five boxes of mineral water every month,” says the procurement official for the Sports Ministry in Bamako, Mali. “In the shop you pay the equivalent of two-hundred and fifty dollars for that quantity. But we pay double that, about US$ 500.” Where the other half of the five hundred […]