Tax Evasion

British Prime Minister David Cameron will say today that new legislation making companies criminally liable if employees aid tax evasion will be introduced this year, as he seeks to repair the damage from a week of questions about his personal finances. Cameron published tax records on Sunday to try and defuse criticism over his handling of […]


Katainen’s comments come as European leaders move to calm growing public anger over alleged tax avoidance with the global scandal over tax evasion already claiming one victim, the Icelandic prime minister, his job last week. At the weekend, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron published a summary of his tax returns in a bid to try […]


Reuters | Apr 10, 2016, 08.14 PM IST BERLIN: German justice minister Heiko Maas appealed in a newspaper interview to media to hand over the Panama Papers that show how offshore firms are used to stash the wealth of the world’s elite. Governments around the globe have started investigating possible financial wrongdoing by the world’s […]


Following demonstrations and calls for his resignation, British Prime Minister David Cameron publically disclosed his tax records from the past seven years on Sunday. Cameron admitted it had “not been a great week,” after making four different statements over four days about his investment in his late father’s offshore Bahamian investment fund, Blairmore Holdings. Mossack […]


LONDON British Prime Minister David Cameron published his tax records on Sunday in an attempt to draw a line under questions about his personal finances raised by the mention of his late father in the Panama Papers for setting up an offshore fund. The revelations have led to demands for Cameron’s resignation and handed ammunition […]

African officials and multinationals exposed in Panama Papers scandal This week, 11.5 million documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, which specializes in offshore holding companies, was leaked to media organizations including the BBC and the Guardian. The reports linked more than 140 public officials from several countries worldwide to overseas assets in tax havens. […]

It sounds like the exposition for a tech thriller novel. The biggest data leak in history. The world’s rich and powerful exposed for hiding their massive wealth in offshore corporations to evade taxes. The only thing missing is a central plotline about a young, misunderstood genius hacker. Throw in some death threats and a romance, […]

When newsrooms around the world announced that they will be publishing a series of investigative reports diving into the shadowy world of tax havens, dubbed the Panama Papers, I thought to myself, “This is big. There will be change.” And big it was — almost 11.5 million documents cataloguing the financial goings-on of 214,000 companies […]

READING THE many stories based on the giant leak of documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca — notorious for its prolific creation of shell companies to hide assets of wealthy malefactors — you might well ask: How much tax revenue do the world’s governments lose thanks to this kind of financial engineering? According to The Hidden Wealth […]