People demonstrate against Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson in Reykjavik, Iceland. (Stigtryggur Johannsson/Reuters) Iceland may be a small country, but it makes a lot of international headlines. In 2008 it became a poster child for the dangers of rapid financial growth when its hyper-leveraged banking system imploded. Over the next few years, the country […]


BERLIN German Justice Minister Heiko Maas appealed in a newspaper interview to media to hand over the Panama Papers that show how offshore firms are used to stash the wealth of the world’s elite. Governments around the globe have started investigating possible financial wrongdoing by the world’s rich and powerful since details of hundreds of […]


Following demonstrations and calls for his resignation, British Prime Minister David Cameron publically disclosed his tax records from the past seven years on Sunday. Cameron admitted it had “not been a great week,” after making four different statements over four days about his investment in his late father’s offshore Bahamian investment fund, Blairmore Holdings. Mossack […]


Demonstrators converge on Downing Street on Saturday calling for David Cameron to resign over revelations regarding his financial affairs. The prime minister has been accused of misleading the public after he issued several statements before finally admitting he had benefited from his late father’s offshore investment fund Blairmore. The details of the fund were revealed […]

x Embed x Share A USA TODAY motion graphic highlighting politicians around the world linked to the Panama Papers data leak. By George Petras, Ramon Padilla, Frank Pompa and Berna Elibuyuk, USA TODAY Part of the Panama City skyline shows the wealth that has been created, in part, by tax havens that allow the world’s […]

Officials are already investigating more than 700 current leads with a link to Panama, the Treasury said. HMRC has requested the Panama Papers information held by the BBC, Guardian and International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, but has not yet been given access to the 11 million documents disclosed in the data leak. … read more […]

David Cameron is due to host a much-heralded anti-corruption summit in May. In the wake of the Panama Papers revelations, this provides a crucial opportunity for the UK to get its own house in order. Last year, Cameron said the UK would not be a haven for dirty cash. Here, the British branch of respected […]

LONDON British Prime Minister David Cameron published his tax records on Sunday in an attempt to draw a line under questions about his personal finances raised by the mention of his late father in the Panama Papers for setting up an offshore fund. The revelations have led to demands for Cameron’s resignation and handed ammunition […]

Thousands of protesters marched on Downing Street Saturday calling for British Prime Minister David Cameron to resign after revelations about his tax affairs emerged earlier this week along with the leak of Panama Papers. RELATED:  Jeremy Corbyn: Cameron Misled the Public on Trust Fund Scandal  Protesters, many wearing Panama hats, descended on the gates of Downing […]